Connect2U Couselling is based in South Manchester, Didsbury and Chorlton, with easy access to on road parking and minutes away from the tram station.  I also offer Online Counselling to clients who are local & national. 

I offer one to one counselling in a safe, impartial and confidential space in which to explore your feelings. Talking to a professional in a confidential setting, can sometimes help us to understand what is making us feel a certain way.  I am committed to the highest standards of ethical practice.  I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work within their ethical framework.

I am not here to tell you what to do, or how to do it, but to help you work out for yourself what you are going do, and the best approach to take. It is, therefore, very individual and person-centred

No two people understand the same language in the same way; their understanding will always be linked to their personal experience of the world. My role, therefore, is to help you to develop your own understanding of your situation.

I will enable you to explore aspects of your life and feelings, by talking openly and freely. Talking like this is rarely possible with family or friends, who are likely to be emotionally involved and have opinions and biases that may affect the discussion.

Talking to a counsellor gives you the opportunity to express difficult feelings such as anger, resentment, guilt and fear in a confidential environment.

I may encourage you to examine parts of your life that you may have found difficult or impossible to face before. There may be some exploration of early childhood experiences to throw some light on why you reacted or responded in certain ways in given situations. This is often followed by considering ways in which you may change such behaviours.

This process should reduce your confusion, allowing you to make effective decisions leading to positive changes in your attitude and/or behaviour. The ultimate aim of counselling is to enable you to make your own choices, reach your own decisions and act upon them.

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Rizwan Rashid

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